“We are here today because we can no longer remain silent” – Paraskoviya Dvorianyn

More than a thousand representatives and activists of the Samopomich Union from different regions of Ukraine took part in the action taking place near the building of the Verkhovna Rada regarding the adoption of a new electoral legislation by the parliament. In addition to the introduction of a proportional electoral system with open lists, the activists also demand to stop the garbage blockade of Lviv.

As noted by Samopomich deputy Roman Semenukha, today in the parliament there is no majority necessary to pass the new law on elections.

“But we have already done a lot together. Therefore, when the fear of people of those slaves in the parliament becomes greater than the fear of their owners, we will finally have a chance. Many different political forces have gathered here today, but our only goal is to create a law that may not become a panacea, but will be the only path to evolutionary development, renewal of politics for the sake of creation of the country in which one wants to live,” Roman Semenukha is convinced.

According to a participant of the protest, secretary of the Zhytomyr City Council and Samopomich representative  Natalia Chyzh, the government must fulfill all the promises that were made in the times of Maidan – none of them has been fulfilled so far. What we have today is war, garbage, Lviv under siege, impoverishment of society. What people have are artificially high tariffs, pensions which are paid without pension reform, and the like. Yesterday, our President stated that we are one of the largest countries in Europe, but he forgot to say that we are the poorest one on this continent.

All people want to live with dignity in their country. And we urge all citizens to unite around this process. We will fight to the end. We will not give up. That’s why we are here, we have united among ourselves and our demands,” said Natalia Chyzh.

In addition to the changes in the electoral legislation, the protesters demand the removal of parliamentary immunity, and the representatives of Samopomich demand the cessation of the trash blockade of Lviv in the first place.

“Today, a lot of representatives from the Lviv region and from Lviv gathered here. We simply cannot remain silent any longer. For a year Lviv has been struggling with the state machine, which wants to destroy the largest Ukrainian-speaking city in the world,” said Paraskeviya Dvorianyn, a Samopomich deputy of the Lviv regional council.

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