We are asking the Parliament to do its job – to pass a law that will make the trade carried out on blood illegal, – Samopomich

People’s deputy Yehor Soboliev, during the first plenary meeting of the 6th session of the Verkhovna Rada of VIII convocation delivered a message of the Samopomich Union faction to the Ukrainian Parliament:

“Yesterday in the area near Ukrainian Bakhmut people wearing Ukrainian police uniforms attacked the veterans of the war for independence. The veterans were tear gassed, knocked down, hit in their heads with sticks. The veterans did nothing more than opposed to the trade made on blood – trade with the occupied territories. Last week the whole country witnessed the attacks on Avdiyivka. But very few people in the country knew that 20 kilometers to the right from Avdiyivka, every day freight cars go to and from the occupied territories with a huge amount of good for trade. Thus these were veterans who had to take on the responsibility of the state, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Parliament and the Government. As an expression of the gratitude from the sate which they defended in 2014 these people were gassed, beaten and have criminal cases opened against them. I am sure the veterans will be able to protect themselves. But if the new “Berkut” led by new leaders along with the old “titushky” have already forgotten what the outcome of the attack on the people at Maidan was, the public will quickly remind them this.

We are appealing to people – to the true people that have remained in this Parliament – let us come to the aid. We are asking the Committee on Law Enforcement headed by Andriy Kozhemiakin to call a special meeting tomorrow and to examine the incident. Personal responsibility of Donetsk-Sevastopol General Abroskin should be considered as well, just like the responsibility of the Minister of Internal Affairs, without whose knowledge such operations cannot be carried out. We are asking the entire Ukrainian Parliament do its job – to pass a law that would make the trade carried out on blood illegal.

How can we trade with the state that uses this money to buy weapons and kill our people? How can we trade with the state which is destroying Ukraine from outside and from within? This is a simple rule that we still haven’t learned.

Samopomich asks all MPs to join our initiative and adopt a law “On temporarily occupied territories”, and the Parliament – to become a place that investigates and brings to justice those people who want to become new executioners of the state,” says the statement of the faction.

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