Ivan Miroshnichenko: We must put an end to the shameful practice of hindering the work of investors

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction addressed the Prime Minister concerning the unsatisfactory situation in the seaports connected with the systematic hindering of investors’ activities on realization of the projects designed to improve the port and agro-industrial infrastructure of the state.

In particular, according to the contract, the investor company “MB Cargo” is to build a grain terminal in the “Yuzhnyi” trade seaport.

It is estimated that as a result of the project the budgets of all levels will receive more than 300 million hryvnias per year in the form of taxes; moreover, about 350 new jobs will be created. Administration of seaports of Ukraine, in its turn, has to carry out dredging operations. However, the tender was held with violations and it was canceled at the request of the Government.

“Now the investors have reasonable apprehensions about the timeliness of completion of dredging in the “Yuzhnyi” port, about the availability of funds for this, and generally about the state’s willingness to fulfill its obligations,” said Ivan Miroshnichenko.

In the “Chornomorsk” commercial port in Illichivsk investors face obstacles as well. In 2001, Swiss company “Risoil S.A.” decided to invest into the port infrastructure, and since then the amount of investment has reached 100 million dollars. In addition, in spite of the difficult economic and political situation in Ukraine, in 2014 JSC “Risoil S.A.” started construction of a new grain terminal, due to which the flow of cargo to the Illichivsk port will increase by 15%, in addition, more than 200 people will be employed, and the revenues to the local and state budgets will significantly increase.

“Today, construction is 50% completed. However, the investor faced with obstacles in establishing the right of servitude in its favor, which is necessary for creation and maintenance of relevant engineering structures (process pipeline and other lines of communication, conveyer gallery), which is unacceptable from the point of view of international practice on provision of the necessary easements to ensure equal access to the infrastructure of ports,” said the MP.

Mykolaiv commercial sea port: OREXIM group, which owns Mykolaiv industrial complex of bakeries, plans to build a grain conveyor gallery at the territory of the port. The conveyor gallery would connect the powers of the industrial complex with the quay infrastructure and lessen the load of multi-ton transport in the port. Due to the project realization the state budget and the enterprise of the Ministry of Infrastructure will receive additional revenues in the amount of no less than 272 million UAH.

As noted by Ivan Miroshnichenko, the investor has invested more than 1 million UAH into the pre-project documentation and sent a corresponding letters for the coordinated approvals. However, the management of Mykolaiv branch of the seaports’ Administration initially gave a corresponding approval, but later withdrew it for some formal reasons, thus actually blocking the completion of the project and the whole implementation of the investment project itself.

“In this regard, I consider it necessary to urgently put an end to the shameful practice when the state undertakes commitments to investors, including the foreign ones, but in the end it does not comply with them, or worse, public authorities or companies create obstacles to the fulfillment of these commitments.

Therefore, in order to support such important projects for Ukraine, I appealed to the Prime Minister, to the leadership of the relevant ministry and enterprises to pay attention to these facts of possible hindering of implementation of investment projects and to make every effort to resolve all the problematic issues,” concludes Ivan Miroshnichenko.

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