“We trust all our branches, candidates and representatives at the polling stations” – statement of the Samopomich Union headquarters

Recently, one of Samopomich’s opponents at an electoral district No. 94 recorded a video message in which he accused the party of “selling quotas at the district election commission.” We have analyzed the situation in the district and we officially declare:

We trust our candidate, we have no precautions in his relation, we supported and will support Paata Davitidze.

We trust and do not have precautions in relation to the member of the district electoral commission who is appointed in district 94 and in relation to whom precautions have been expressed by our competitors.

Taking into account the publicity and transparency of all processes that occur in the Samopomich party, we replaced the district electoral commission member in the 94th district. A lawyer of the central party office was appointed a member of the district electoral commission. He has no relations with the Obukhiv district, or with the Vyshhorod district, or with local elites. He will work with one goal – to ensure a correct calculation of votes and to protect the results of all political forces, so that the results of the elections are fair.

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