“We will demand a new law on elections, we will fight for it” – Andriy Sadovyi

In the Constitution Square in Kyiv, an All-Ukrainian campaign for electoral reform is taking place.  Samopomich Union is the only parliamentary faction that supports activists in their demands – to cancel majority election system and introduce open party lists.

As noted by the leader of the Samopomich Union Andriy Sadovyi during his address to the activists, in the time of Maidan, current authorities “thumped their chests swearing to give their lives for Ukraine.” However, in his opinion, we ended up with lies and theft.

“The sole fact that about a million people have left Ukraine this last year is a verdict to today’s authorities. Very often these are highly qualified and wise people who have lost hope. But I also want to thank those who came to Kyiv to join this rally. This is our country, and we must fight for it,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

He also cited data from the rating published by the World Economic Forum: among the hundreds of countries, Ukraine ranks 34th in terms of people’s readiness for technological change. And according to the readiness of the state authorities – 94th.

“We are often told that the authorities people choose are no different to the people themselves. But here we can see that Ukrainians are much wiser and more educated than those who are in high offices today. How to change this situation? It is necessary to adopt a new electoral code – a proportional representation system with open party lists. Then we will have real people’s representatives in power,” emphasizes the leader of “Samopomich”.

Andriy Sadovyi noted that the campaign for electoral reform is supported by many political forces. However, in the square in front of the parliament, no majority parties are present: “They are sitting in the offices and are thinking how to deceive us again. And I promise to you that I, all my friends and all of us together with you will do everything possible to prevent them from doing so. We will demand a new law, we will fight for it. And we all must come to the polls and vote to let honest, responsible, moral people come to power.”

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