“Maybe at least the new Metropolitan will tell them that stealing is a sin” – Sadovyi

“I have no doubts that all our officials will now be coming to the new Metropolitan Epiphanius, congratulating him, asking for advice. I would ask the Metropolitan to draw the attention of the President and all the officials that stealing is a sin. Maybe they will at least listen to him. After all, the church is highly respected now in Ukraine,” said the mayor of Lviv and future presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi during a talk show “The Right to Power”.

How can we make the world respect us, what kind of Ukraine’s status in the international arena can we talk about when everyone sees that Ukraine is being robbed by its own authorities? Such authorities cannot have any respect. The world despises thieves. The authorities might be talking of some illusionary achievements all they want, but the facts remain unchanged – Ukraine is the poorest and most corrupted country in Europe. And these things are interconnected. Maybe at least the Metropolitan can bring these truths to our politicians,” added Andriy Sadovyi.

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