Tetiana Ostrikova: “We demand from the government the appointment of responsible managers”

According to Tetiana Ostrikova, a member of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, there is collective irresponsibility in the country’s highest executive power: “The government has chosen a convenient for them tactic: there are no new appointments – everybody is an acting manager.”

She explains and gives examples:

“There is no agrarian minister – the agrarians have no one to ask where their subsidies for the 2 months of 2017 are and where the abolition of the harmful norms on the non-return of VAT on exports of soybeans and rapeseed is.

The Ministry of Finance admits criminal inaction: the debt for housing subsidies has amounted to 22 billion hryvnias. Are we starting our new promising future with debts? Who will be punished and when will the debt be repaid?

There is no head of the State Fiscal Service – there is no one to be held responsible for an unjustified blocking of tax bills.

There is no head of the customs – no one is responsible for the mess at the customs and for the smuggling.

The same situation is with the state-owned enterprises where there are no managers – for example, “Elektrovazhmash” plant in Kharkiv.

Is it that the authorities cannot agree on the spheres of influence, money flows, and control? We demand the appointment of responsible leaders!” says the people’s deputy.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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