Mishel Tereshchenko: Poroshenko has sold the Sumy region to the pro-Russian forces

“There is a feeling that the residents of Hlukhiv live under occupation.” Mayor of Hlukhiv in the Sumy region, Mishel Tereshchenko, believes that the President has betrayed the ideals of Maidan and “just like his predecessors, has sold the Sumy region to the pro-Russian forces.”

He stated this at the TV channel 24.

“The governor of the Sumy region, who is subordinate to the odious people’s deputy Derkach, works only in the interests of the oligarchs. Almost 90% of the property in the region is in the hands of the pro-Russian or openly Russian forces,” says Tereshchenko. MP Andriy Derkach is not affiliated with any faction. He voted for the anti-protest laws of January 16th.

According to the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi, Mishel, along with the local “Samopomich” office, is waging a very unequal struggle with Derkach, who has the Presidential Administration, the regional and district administrations, all law enforcement agencies on his side.”

We shall recall that the mayor of Hlukhiv of the Sumy region, a descendant of a family of entrepreneurs and patrons of arts, Mishel Tereshchenko, said he would support Andriy Sadovyi’s candidacy in the presidential elections on March 31.

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