Miroshnichenko: “We are using all possible leverages to stop the seizure of a farming enterprise “Strohoho”

The public organization “Business Varta”, among whose members there are some representatives of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction, received a complaint about an illegal takeover of the property belonging to the representatives of a farming enterprise “Strohoho O.F.” in Zmiiv district, Kharkiv region.

According to the applicants, on Saturday, September 8, about thirty unknown athletic persons in camouflage uniforms drove into the elevator area that belongs to the farm and tried to take sunflowers from the elevator in an unknown direction. In addition, as it became known from the complaint, on the eve of these events, the owner and name of the farm had been changed in the State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate.

MP Ivan Miroshnichenko from the Samopomich parliamentary faction emphasizes, “We are using all possible leverages to stop the seizure of a farming enterprise “Strohoho”. The developments are frankly shocking! I instructed my assistant to go to the scene to monitor the rule of law there and provide legal assistance to the farmer in order to protect the farm from the arbitrary actions of the raiders.”

According to him, once again, as in many other cases of seizures, state registrars played an important role in committing the crime. While the Ministry of Justice and the law enforcement agencies are doing nothing, people are suffering – there are yet more victims. Officials are covering themselves with all possible pretexts, calling the seizure with pre-falsified documents and “titushkas” an economic dispute.

The MP concludes: “The lawful owner has already filed a complaint with the commission of the Ministry of Justice against the registrar, who unreasonably and illegally introduced changes to the register.

We hope that the state bodies, which are called to prevent and combat crimes, will promptly interfere with the situation.”

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