Miroshnichenko: “Raiding methods do not change, because the perpetrators remain unpunished”

MP Ivan Miroshnichenko from the Samopomich parliamentary faction notes that it is necessary to change the methods of combating raiding urgently and irrevocably. Representatives of the political force are now spending a lot of time on the work in the “Business Varta” organization trying to protect business.

Samopomich lawyers cannot even come back to Kyiv, because they constantly leave for places where raider attacks are taking place. Very many land conflicts escalated during the harvest period.

The people’s deputy says, “Where the land is leased, there are cases with double lease agreements signed, with pseudo-sales of the harvest. Over the past week, there have been three such cases. Farmers and businesses are also being robbed by means of introducing changes to registries and assigning new owners of farms and businesses. Black notaries and registrars are thriving! “

However, it is not enough to just spot the raiders – we must also punish them. And here we are facing some strange resistance of the authorities both on the ground and in the capital.

Ivan Miroshnichenko notes, “Our appeals and contacts with the regional leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in Kyiv have yielded no results so far. We are only being fed with promises. Meanwhile, the attackers are the ones who get all the protection.”

But the problem of raiding can be overcome. Due to the initiative of the Samopomich representatives in the parliament, an Inter-Departmental Anti-Raiding Commission was established under the chairmanship of the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv. This is the body uniting the heads of all departments and branches of power, whose competence covers the issues of seizure of property and business. Ivan Miroshnichenko emphasizes, “The Commission has become an important tool in combating illegal takeovers, protecting business and the economy from raiders, dishonest officials and law enforcers. Due to the work of the Commission and the attention of the public, dozens of illegal takeovers and attacks on business have been prevented. The fear of being publicly punished and taken down as raiders and criminals stopped a lot of people.”

The main problem in the work of the Commission is the low effectiveness of real actions aimed at helping the victims. To this end, we decided to ask Stepan Kubiv to create permanent mobile groups that could increase the effectiveness of the Commission’s work.

Ivan Miroshnichenko
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