Miroshnichenko: “We demand that the bill that will return 10-15 billion hryvnias to commodity producers should be introduced in the agenda”

Today during the coordination board’s meeting, Samopomich MP Ivan Miroshnichenko once again appealed to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada with the request to include in the agenda for this week the bill abolishing the scandalous amendment on the non-return of VAT to commodity producers in the export of oilseeds and technical crops.

“The draft law 7403-2 is designed to return 10-15 billion hryvnias which were taken away by the parliament from the commodity producers when the former voted for amendments to the Tax Code while adopting the budget for this year.

I want to note that 16 regional councils in Ukraine have supported this bill. But the most important thing is that commodity producers themselves, who have twice blocked roads in nine regions of Ukraine showing their protest, need this bill. Unless the amendment that takes away the VAT refund mechanism from them is canceled, the agrarians will continue their strikes. And not only in the regions, but also in the capital,” said Ivan Miroshnichenko.

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