Miroshnichenko: The government takes away the desire of entrepreneurs to live and invest in this country

Port operators are telling the President, the Prime Minister, all security officials that they will no longer put up with the pressure on business, with arbitrariness – when the work of enterprises is illegally blocked without any reason, which causes losses worth millions.

MP Ivan Miroshnichenko from the Samopomich parliamentary faction notes, “These are companies that have already invested more than 2 billion dollars in the assets of our state. And these companies are ready to invest about 500 million in development of the state. This is at the time when the country needs investments so much, because very few investors dare to come to us.”

But the government does not value these investments and even takes away what is already here with barbaric methods.

“The law enforcement agencies continue getting in through the windows, not the doors. All these companies have well-established reputations, they adhere to the procedures, standards, they have world recognition. But for some reason, they do not have recognition here, in Ukraine. They are ready to open their doors to the security and law enforcement agencies, they are ready to cooperate and provide documents. Yet the above-mentioned agencies prefer entering through the windows, breaking everything, putting up shows, blocking the work.”

One of such examples is the Risoil terminal, which was blocked for about a week by investigators from the Prosecutor General’s Office. It incurred losses of 23 million hryvnias, had the demurrage of four vessels, had seven hundred cars standing unloaded, and suffered reputational damage. And no one is held responsible for this. The investigator of the Prosecutor General’s Office Tereshchenko did it all just by his letter. There was no court decision, no arrests imposed, not even an order of the investigator. He just arrived, wrote a letter to the customs, to the State Fiscal Service and illegally forbade the shipment. Yet, this person is not going to bear any responsibility. Moreover, they even tried to illegally take away the grain which they had arrested themselves. And no one was punished for it.

Ivan Miroshnichenko says that, as a matter of fact, it is difficult to think of a proper punishment, “How to evaluate the fact that people had their strategy, their desire to live and invest in this country taken away. How to evaluate this? The demurrage, losses can be evaluated. But what about the reputational losses?”

Entrepreneurs say their lives have not become better. They are asking the security and law enforcement agencies to leave them alone. The entrepreneurs are demonstrating their unity. They can show how much such actions from above can cost for the country. Investments will just stop.

Miroshnichenko concludes, “If the country’s export terminals stop their work, dollar exchange rate will be at the level of 40 hryvnias per one dollar, if not more. And one can predict what will happen afterwards.”


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