Miroshnichenko: Situation with the land market is like a disease of which you are aware but you are scared to go to the doctor

Unfortunately, the moratorium on the sale of land should be prolonged for yet another year, since the land market has not been created. This is stated by a deputy of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, a member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy, Ivan Miroshnichenko.

“We have lost our chance and opportunity to make a historic decision in relation to the land market. And, unfortunately, we will probably have no time to do this. We have been discussing this issue here for 4 years and could have made all the necessary decisions. But we failed.”

Ivan Miroshnichenko also notes that very often there are speculations that farmers allegedly do not want the land market.

“It is not true. If we ask farmers if they support the land market, 70% will say no. But if you ask these very farmers whether they want their children to inherit the land, they will say, they do. They have been working on this land for 20 years and want to possess it. But how can we regulate all this? How to inherit land if there is no market?”

In fact, farmers have two fears of the land market: where to get money when the market will be launched; and how to protect your rights so that not to have your land stolen. Unfortunately, neither the Parliament nor its Committee on Agrarian Policy has done anything to eliminate these fears.

“We are prolonging this moratorium for the fourth time, and it has existed for 18 years. It is high time we admitted we are living in some kind of an anthological mirror-world that we ourselves have created for the market, for the economy, for people. We prolong what we ourselves criticize. We say that everything is bad in the villages – and this is true – yet we prolong the moratorium that led to this, without offering anything new.” And more than a million people, owners of the land, have died by now. Every year, 80,000 people die without taking advantage of their rights.

Miroshnichenko says that the situation with the land market resembles a disease of which you are aware, yet you are scared to go to the doctor

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