Miroshnichenko: Raidership is a national problem. And business is bunching together to oppose it

“Our dream is to unite. If we can unite the first and second business leagues (medium and powerful non-oligarchic business), we will win,” said Samopomich deputy Ivan Miroshnichenko during the “Business Against the Destruction of the State” Anti-Raidership Forum.

Miroshnichenko explains, “Our action plan is as follows – we form separate chambers (of agribusiness, IT, transport, logistics, ports, financial and industrial ones) within one organization. And in the near future, we will convene the leaders of the process to sit together and have a frank conversation. Otherwise, we will not survive.”

“Unfortunately, the statistics is only getting worse. If last year, according to official data of the Prosecutor General’s Office, there were about 800 cases of hostile illegal takeovers or raidership, then over six months of 2018 alone, there were already 652 such cases.

The trend is very negative despite everything that we all are doing. In fact, there are almost no improvements. And this is a national problem,” says Ivan Miroshnichenko.

“On the one hand, there are some legislative steps taken. On the other hand, despite the laws, law enforcement agencies keep acting in their arbitrary way. Security forces are breaking doors, windows, safes, keeping people for searches for 5-7 hours. Laws are not executed,” says Miroshnichenko.

All this is happening because of total impunity. “If the heads of law enforcement agencies on the ground started abiding by the law, there would be a different situation.”

“We should not be afraid and we should be united, then we can not just influence, we can make changes. Our voice will be many times stronger than the voice of 10-12 people from the highest league of big business. While the first and the second leagues, which today represent 60% of the economy, if they unite, will be invincible. There is 2019 ahead and two stages of elections. And the worst thing that can happen is that the key changes in the country will take place without the participation of people who are really supporting this country, creating jobs and attracting investment. We are smart, beautiful, knowing everything, discussing a lot, but acting little.”

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