Miroshnichenko: When the government covers the facts of illegal seizures and takeovers, this demotivates investors

The “Rosoil Terminal” enterprise has resumed its work after having its grain terminals blocked by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the National Police for a week since October 5. The blocking has resulted in troubles with the customs clearance and, accordingly, shipments from the terminal.

Community activists from “Business-Varta” organization and MP Ivan Miroshnichenko helped “Rosoil” defend their interests from the unreasonable actions of the authorities. The lawmaker says that the fight for the enterprise lasted for several days.

“The lawlessness of the Prosecutor’s Office and the illegal actions stopped the work of the enterprise and resulted in the demurrage of 700 cars and 4 ships. Losses amount to 20 million hryvnias.”

“Business-Varta” and Ivan Miroshnichenko promise to hold a press conference next week, where they will name the names of the anti-heroes, will assess the actions of the Prosecutor General’s Office and will voice the demands to the government so that not to have such a chaos repeated in the future.

Ivan Miroshnichenko says he has notified the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Prime Minister. “Business-Varta” has presented the problem at the meeting of the interdepartmental commission under the leadership of First Deputy Prime Minister S. Kubiv. “What kind of investment climate can we talk about? When the situation with the investments coming to the country is bad in itself, the government additionally demotivates those who at least theoretically think about investing in Ukraine,” concludes Miroshnichenko.

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