Miroshnichenko: We won one battle with the raiders, but the war continues

Samopomich Union in conjunction with the public organization “Business Varta” managed to fought back against the raiders willing to illegally take possession of the “Strohoho” farm.

Under the pressure of politicians, lawyers and activists, the Ministry of Justice was forced to cancel registration actions which had changed the owner of the farm in the Kharkiv region.

“This is the first step, and there is still a lot of work ahead,” says the lawyer for Business Varta, Andriy Nakhod. “We protected ourselves as much as possible. Now we will be engaged in procedural work in order to protect “Strohoho” once and for all.”

Now it is the Ministry of Internal Affairs that should establish the customers of the raider seizure. But whether it will do this or not is an open question. Representatives of Samopomich are working both on the ground with the victims of the raider attacks, and legislatively – by changing the current acts in order to make such things impossible in the future. Deputy of the political force Ivan Miroshnichenko concludes, “This is only the first step, a small battle with the raiders. There is still a lot of work ahead.”

The case of the attack on “Strohoho” is a typical one. On September 8, about three dozen unknown athletic persons in camouflage uniforms drove into the territory of the elevator belonging to the farm and tried to take away the sunflower. In addition, in the State Register of Real Property Affairs, the owner and name of the farm had been changed. So Samopomich and Business Varta made it possible to give “Strohoho” back to its real owner.

As soon as the victims asked for help, MP Ivan Miroshnichenko sent his assistant to the scene to ensure the rule of law there and to provide legal assistance to the farmer in order to protect his property from the daring actions of the raiders.

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