Miroshnichenko: “The bureaucratic state machine makes the economy suffer losses worth of millions”

Maritime business in Ukraine is sounding the alarm. This was announced by Samopomich MP Ivan Miroshnichenko during the conference “Say no to corruption in maritime transport”.

According to the parliamentarian, the bureaucratic state machine, whose regulatory functions have recently been limited, is now taking revenge and, through its often unlawful actions, is making entrepreneurs and the economy of the country suffer losses worth of millions.

One of the most common violations is the creation of artificial barriers for entrepreneurs by officials, extortion from businesses, demanding bribes, cargo inspections with numerous violations, transfer of tugs to “friendly” companies, corruption in issuing passports to seafarers.

In addition, there are constant investment wars in the ports. Ivan Miroshnichenko specifies: “Any former official of some ministry or the Seaport Authority who is associated with the authorities through MPs or other people for some reason considers it necessary to seize several quays, warehouses and thus stop investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Another problem is the lack of a clearly defined top-down governance in the ports because many of them are headed by acting executives.

In order to ensure that numerous violations of the rights of entrepreneurs in the ports do not go unpunished, the representatives of Samopomich are now preparing deputy appeals to the leadership of the state with the purpose to stop the lawlessness in the ports.

Summing up, Ivan Miroshnichenko stresses that because of big risks, a number of investors from different parts of the world are afraid to invest in Ukraine. The parliamentarian sums up: “The interest in Ukraine is enormous, but the risks still exist, we are unpredictable.”

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