“Minsk format is a capitulation” – Sadovyi

Samopomich insists that it is necessary to conduct negotiations on ending the war with Russia in the Ukrainian format. This format provides for the involvement of the United States and Great Britain, as well as countries for which the Russian threat is a topical issue – Poland and the Baltic countries, in the first place.

Leader of the Samopomich party, Andriy Sadovyi, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to the politician, over the past 24 hours, Ukrainians have once again seen that “Minsk” is not working, because yesterday Russian terrorists violated the “peace and quiet order” once again, as a result of which one Ukrainian military died, three were injured.

In addition, in its election program for state security and defence, Samopomich suggests establishing a strict demarcation line between the territory that Ukraine controls and the Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation. There should be the most modern weapons placed on this line in order to protect the Ukrainian military. The party also supports the introduction of NATO standards in the command system of our army and Ukraine’s advance towards the Alliance.

“At the same time, the soldiers protecting our state should be motivated not only by their patriotism. We insist on the salary for the military of at least $1,000 and the provision of compensation for the war veterans in the amount of 100,000 hryvnias, the way it is done in Lviv now,” adds Sadovyi.

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