Minister of Veterans Affairs: I will do my best to spread the experience of Lviv in other regions

Lviv experience of working with war veterans appealed to the new Minister of Veterans Affairs, Iryna Friz. Together with the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, she has visited the city centre providing services to veterans. She suggested spreading the experience of Lviv to other cities and regions of Ukraine.

In Lviv, everyone who comes back from the war in the East receives 100 thousand hryvnias of material assistance. Those who are in the most difficult conditions are provided with housing at the expense of the city. And for more than two years, a specialized centre has been operating in Lviv. In this centre, veterans can get help, legal and psychological support. According to Andriy Sadovyi, this practice should have long been extended to other cities at the state level.

“There should be a single standard, some uniform rules. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that such experience of working with veterans is all over Ukraine,” said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

Modern and necessary – this is how the Minister described the Lviv centre for the provision of services to war veterans. She added that other cities and regions should also follow this model of organizing work with veterans.

“This centre is modern. It provides our veterans with what they need. They can get legal and psychological support here, get useful knowledge. Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Mykolayiv have some similar experience, since they have veteran organizations that create the relevant environment. In Lviv, such a centre was created at the city level. I will do my best to spread the experience of Lviv in other regions. Then we will be able to create a comfortable environment for veterans, will be able to solve the issues which they are facing today,” said Irina Friz, the Minister of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine.


The Lviv centre for the provision of services to veterans has been operating in Lviv since May 2016. It provides information, social, psychological, and legal services to the fighters and their families. It helps with employment, rehabilitation, organizes educational, cultural and entertainment events and projects.

There are many social support programs for ATO/OOC (anti-terrorist operation/united forces operation) participants and their relatives in the city. In particular, this year, within the framework of two city programs, the city has provided material assistance to the fighters and their relatives in the amount of more than 94 million hryvnias. Altogether, since 2015, Lviv has provided more than 240 million hryvnias for the social support of the fighters.

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