Ministry of Economic Development conceals information about its employees – from the response to a request

A new director of the Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Oksana Serdiuk refused to submit her autobiography to the request of a Samopomich deputy, the head of the subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada for Tourism and Resorts Anna Romanova.

This is stated in the reply of the Department to the relevant request of the politician. As stated in the document, Serdiuk “did not provide the Ministry of Economic Development with a permission to disclose her personal data.”

“We are talking about an official who is supposed to form the state policy in such an important sphere of the economy as tourism. This is all you need to know about the honesty and transparency of the contest for civil service and about the state policy in the sphere of tourism,” Anna Romanova comments on the situation.

She shares the background to the story: “When a competition to fill the position of the director of the Department was held, a person whom nobody from the tourist community knew won. Now all that is known about Oksana Serdiuk from her declaration is that she used to work in a public organization called “Institute of Financial Policy”, which, by the way, is headed by ex-finance minister of Kuchma and ex-adviser of Yanukovych – Ihor Mitiukov. It is interesting that, in accordance with her declaration, Oksana Serdiuk possesses three apartments in the capital, one of which she acquired through the state program of preferential loans, and six deposits in banks, including the Russian “Sberbank”.

The MP adds: “I would very like these dry facts, which so far do not work in favour of Oksana Viktorivna, to be dispelled through her autobiography. Therefore, I have sent a deputy’s request to Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv. But no one has showed me the biography. Moreover, they cannot even decide on the write variant of her name – one time there is O. V., then A. A. It’s a shame.”

“Now the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and other people’s deputies will request the documentation of the contest, the information on education and the relevant work experience,” concludes Anna Romanova.

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