The mayor of Skadovsk, Oleksandr Yakovliev, was unlawfully dismissed from his post – Samopomich

Today, the Skadovsk District Court has decided to dismiss Oleksandr Yakovliev, who represents Samopomich Union. Such a punitive measure was chosen by the court for an allegedly committed administrative offense related to corruption.

The so-called “corruption” procurement contracts – amounting to 740 hryvnias for paint and screws, 83 hryvnias for a stamp pad, 218 hryvnias for a printing tool and another 126 hryvnias for a stamp pad – with a company connected with the wife of the Skadovsk mayor were the reasons for serving Oleksandr Yakovliev with 4 protocols of administrative offense related to corruption. Therefore, a trial took place and it was decided to dismissal of the mayor. We shall note that the mayor himself does not directly participate in the selection of suppliers, but only signs bills and contracts within the limits of his powers.

A member of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction Ruslan Sydorovych considers the court’s decision on the dismissal of the mayor Oleksandr Yakovliev to be a manifestation of selective justice.

“It is absurd to remove from the office in connection with a minor offense the person elected by the direct vote of people. The most severe punishment is applied, which ultimately neutralizes the choice of the majority of citizens, and this is nothing more than the abuse of law. This decision also affects the normal life of the city. After all, we are not talking about the theft of millions of budget funds, but about a ridiculous minor offense, which in fact could have been done automatically. Even if there was a conscious violation, the sanctions and the liability should be proportional to the amount of harm caused and the size of the public danger. We see examples of the mayors of Kharkiv, Odesa, other cities, where people accused of corruption involving tens, hundreds of millions of hryvnias are not held accountable anyhow, and we also see absolutely trivial offenses that ultimately result in the application of the most severe punishment,” emphasizes Ruslan Sydorovych.

Oleh Lavryk, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Samopomich Union party, people’s deputy of Ukraine notes that the political repression of the oligarchic authorities are reaching the point of absurdity: “If a mayor who is “unfavourable” for the authorities parks incorrectly or crosses the street where there is no pedestrian crossing, he/she might be removed from office and become a subject of investigations of the punitive machine of the authorities.

Let us recall the newly elected chairman of the Sribne Territorial Community in Chernihiv region, Oleh Kudel, who was dismissed at the FIRST session of the new council. Today, the city heads have two options – either to cooperate with the party of the current authorities, or the system will put them on their knees.”

We shall remind that in October 2015, Oleksandr Yakovliev was elected to the post of mayor of Skadovsk and was supported by more than 24% of the voters. In two years he received even more support and respect among Skadovsk residents as a progressive, efficient and open mayor. Skadovsk residents have serious intentions; in particular, today, people’s assembly was held in Skadovsk in support of the mayor.

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