Yavoriv Mayor paid the debt of the military town from his own salary

Pavlo Bakunets, mayor of Yavoriv in Lviv region, paid 100 thousand UAH from the mayor’s bonus reserve for the debts of the House Management Office of Yavoriv’s military town to Lvivoblenerho. Thus, the electricity for which people always duly paid was brought back to them.

More than 3 thousand residents of the military town in Yavoriv suffered from regular power cut-offs. They paid their bills to the House Management Office No. 1 of Yavoriv Apartment Management Unit. However, the Management Office did not fully transfer funds to the regional power company. When the debt reached more than 700 thousand UAH, the power company began to cut off the services.

The residents started protesting, but the House Management Office still did not pay the money. People were helped by the Yavoriv regional council and the mayor of Yavoriv, the candidate for people’s deputies in the district No. 122 from the Samopomich Union party, Pavlo Bakunets. The district council allocated 600 thousand UAH from the reserve fund, and another 100 thousand UAH Bakunets and the deputies of the Yavoriv city council gave out of the money that was provided for his salary.

“100 thousand UAH were provided by Yavoriv city council from the mayor’s bonus reserve. I decided to donate the size of my salary so that people would have electricity in their homes. Despite the fact that the military town is not within the city council’s area of responsibility in legal terms, I could not leave people without electricity. We managed to resolve the issue in such a way and residents now have uninterrupted access to electricity,” explained Bakunets.

By the way, on July 15, NABU detectives presented the head of the House Management Office No. 1 a notice of charges for causing damage to the state in the amount of UAH 1.2 million.

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