Prosecutor General’s Office wants to bring an action against the initiator of the campaign for Nasirov’s resignation

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Andriy Zhurzhiy, responded to the statement of the Prosecutor General on the registration of a criminal proceeding and on the inspection of the State Fiscal Service regarding his alleged tax evasion.

The MP says that his electronic declaration is fully consistent with the tax declaration submitted this spring. Moreover, the tax declaration submitted in spring has already been verified by the State Fiscal Service in accordance with the law, and the people’s deputy received the certificate of tax debt absence.

“What is more, I have paid over 600 thousand of taxes on my income for 2015. As far as I understand, the proceeding has not yet been registered, nevertheless the statement of the Prosecutor General is totally manipulative. Yuriy Lutsenko said that proceedings were registered in respect of people’s deputies who had declared more than 100 thousand dollars in cash. In my declaration there is no cash at all, therefore I have nothing to declare.

Prior to the work in the Verkhovna Rada – before 2014 – I had been working in business. I headed legal department of one of the largest trading companies in the country. Also, my family owns a business on providing financial services to small construction companies. I get the official income on bank card and spend it from the card,” explains Andriy Zhurzhiy.

At the same time, the MP does not exclude the fact that the statements of the Prosecutor General are a response to the appeals the lawmaker had made this week in the Parliament.

We shall recall that the MP began collecting signatures in the Parliament for the appeal to the Government regarding resignation of senior executives of the State Fiscal Service, Nasirov and Bilan, and also initiated a campaign «STOP BASTARDS», through which entrepreneurs can publicize their complaints about irregularities in the work of the State Fiscal Service employees.

“For more than six months I have been investigating the criminal activity of the State Fiscal Service. There are already two appeals to the Prime Minister on dismissal of Nasirov and Bilan. Because of my appeals against the head of the State Fiscal Service, Roman Nasirov, four criminal proceedings have been launched against him. One more proceeding is not launched because of the reluctance of the Prosecutor General’s Office,” adds Andriy Zhurzhiy.

According to him, in case when a criminal proceeding is opened he will act in accordance with the law and will defend his interests peacefully. “I have nothing to hide,” states Andriy Zhurzhiy.

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