We must uphold a fair tariff for nuclear power engineers in Ukraine

On Friday, November 23, the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities plans to consider the issue of forming the tariff of the SE “Energoatom” for 2019.

Let me remind you that the problem of tariff setting for the largest electricity producer in Ukraine is the key one. For years, NCREU has been ignoring the proposals of “Energoatom” on the formation of the tariff.

Therefore, our producer of clean nuclear energy has the lowest wages among all countries where there is nuclear power generation. Due to low wages, we are losing highly skilled workers.

Therefore, modernization programs are regularly underfunded at nuclear power plants.

Therefore, “Energoatom” has debts for nuclear fuel and many other problems that should not a priori be there at a strategic enterprise in a civilized country.

Today the “Energoatom” tariff is 55.76 kopiykas per kW. This is 3.5 times lower than the tariff of Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK company. The short-received funds of the state-owned “Energoatom” flow to Akhmetov thanks to the criminal scheme Rotterdam+. So far, Rotterdam+ has brought DTEK tens of billions of hryvnias of super profits. While the state company has billions of losses.

“Energoatom” is asking the Regulator to slightly increase the tariff for the next year – at least up to 90.2 kopiykas per kW. This is half the rate of Akhmetov. But this will allow us to start solving urgent problems of the industry – with wages and the modernization of production assets. After all, this is a guarantee of the safety of the nuclear power industry and a guarantee of preserving the volumes of its work as a source of clean energy.

Such a standpoint is logical and right. And it should be supported by a truly independent Regulator.

However, Ukrainian NCREU is not like that.

The draft decision of the Commission suggests setting the tariff of “Energoatom” for the next year at the level of 56.19 kopiykas. That is, to “increase” it by less than 1%!

This is a mockery!

The mockery of nuclear energy workers. The mockery of consumers. The mockery of common sense.

This is a direct step towards the destruction of nuclear energy and the collapse of the energy system of Ukraine. At the same time, each of the consumers will have to pay an increased price for electricity.

I will try to attend the meeting of NCREU on November 23. We must uphold a fair tariff for the Ukrainian nuclear energy workers. After all, today the interests of atomic lobbyists are the interests of every Ukrainian consumer of electrical energy.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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