“Lustration is the only barrier that does not allow ex-members of the Party of Regions to return to public office today” – Drik

Protests outside the Constitutional Court, which is now considering the case on the abolition of the law on the cleansing of power, are ongoing in Kyiv. The claims about this were filed by judges and ex-members of the Party of Regions back in 2015, but the Constitutional Court has been considering this case for four years and has not managed to pass a decision.

“The judges understand that they have no grounds to cancel lustration because there are relevant conclusions of the Venice Commission, there is the practice of the European Court of Human Rights. However, they were ready to cancel lustration back in 2016; the only reason they did not dare to do it was because every time activists were there and defended the law,” said the anti-corruption activist, 3rd number on the Samopomich list, Oleksandra Drik.

In her opinion, now this issue was raised again in connection with the elections in Ukraine. “On the one hand, the ex-members of the Party of Regions who stayed in Ukraine are raising their heads. On the other hand, the ex-members of the Party of Regions who were outside our territory are coming back. And some of those people who are running for parliament today are subject to lustration. The law cannot prohibit them from running for office and being elected, but as long as this law is in force, they cannot hold senior government positions,” explains Drik.

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