Anna Romanova: People will not pay debts for unused subsidies

In September, the citizens received bills with the requirement to pay money for so-called “unused” subsidies.

“As a rule, the amount of the payment exceeded the income of low-income persons and was unaffordable for some people. Moreover, people had not been informed of such a regulation introduced by the Cabinet only in August 2016 and could not expect these costs. By the way, it was foreseen that unless a person made this payment, they would be deprived of the right to continue to receive subsidies,” said MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Anna Romanova.

Given numerous appeals, on October 18, the lawmaker filed a deputy’s request to the Prime Minister with the requirement to cancel the decision of the Government, according to which these debts were to be paid by people, and to charge the subsidies unused at the end of the heating season from supplying organizations, rather than ordinary people, thereby encouraging the organizations react to weather conditions and economize.

On 11 November, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the new regulation, which obliged all the service providers to pay these debts.

“Some people have already paid this money, so they need to contact the social security authorities, referring to the new decision of the Cabinet, and to demand that this payment is included in the subsequent periods. Those who have not yet paid the debts for the “unused” subsidies, should not pay them,” says Anna Romanova.

Anna Romanova
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