Liubomyr Zubach: The law on service in local self-government may be lost

Recently, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman signed a government decree, which provides, in particular, for an increase of local government officials’ salaries.
According to Liubomyr Zubach, Samopomich deputy, such a decision partially corrects the blatant injustice in the issue of remuneration of local government employees. “Paying tribute to this decision, we need to talk frankly about the reasons for the situation.”
“The issue of labor remuneration in local government was regulated by the law “On service in local self-government bodies”. This law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on February 9 this year, but vetoed by the President. Judging from the recent meeting of the Committee on State Building, it became clear that the “President’s people” do not plan to abandon the false idea of holding competitions for deputies of city heads. I have repeatedly emphasized that such an initiative is unacceptable, because it contradicts the very concept of public service reform,” Liubomyr Zubach underscores.
“It seems that the expert community should speak about this frankly and loudly, including the Association of Ukrainian Cities, which is meant to be the protector of local self-government. Otherwise, the law on service in local self-government may be lost. And it is important not only in the context of labor remuneration, but also in terms of many other things of legal regulation that are necessary for local self-government,” the deputy concludes.

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