Liubomyr Zubach: There are good chances to put the law on the temporarily occupied territories to vote tomorrow

According to Samopomich deputy, chairman of the working group on the bill on recognition of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as temporarily occupied ones, Liubomyr Zubach, the working group members decided not to shelve the bill and have been actively finalizing it with an intention to present the result long awaited by the society as soon as possible.

“I want to thank the members of the working group, who managed to work in such force majeure circumstances, which resulted in a productive discussion and new proposals. This means that all those involved in this process – people’s deputies, representatives of the executive authorities, public and international organizations – are aware of the problem and understand the importance of solving it without delay,” notes Liubomyr Zubach.

In the morning the working group had a two-hour session, and one more session is still to take place today. Consequently, there are good chances the law will be put to vote tomorrow in the first reading.

“We have already examined a large number of amendments and we will continue working on them. I see that in fact there are no critical, fundamental differences in the opinions of the participants in the process. The vast majority understands the need to fix the status of the occupied territories and of the regulations that would make Russia accountable for the occupation and all the damages.

At the same time, we all agree that the regulations of the bill must not violate the rights of people, including those living in the occupied territories. Ukraine has to do everything it can for them in the circumstances when the state’s jurisdiction does not extend to this territory, but the responsibility for the situation should be imposed onto Russia,” says the MP.

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