Liubomyr Zubach: “This is an outright cynicism, when it is the court and not people that disposes of the land in the central square of the city”

The faction of Samopomich in the Verkhovna Rada supports the mayor of Zolochiv, Ihor Hrynkiv, who has been on a hunger strike for four days now protesting against an illegal construction in the city centre. It all started at the end of 2016. Local businessman Ihor Bartkiv illegally seized part of the central square in the historic city of Zolochiv in the Lviv region, allegedly for the construction of a cinema. On May 10, a regular court session in the case of this land plot, unlawful possession of it and the demolition of the unauthorized construction was supposed to take place. It was postponed as usual. Therefore, on May 14, Mayor Ihor Hrynkiv moved his office to the square and began his hunger strike.

“In connection with the inaction of the State Construction Inspection and the police, I decided to move my office to the Skovoroda boulevard,” comments Ihor Hrynkiv. “I am going on an indefinite hunger strike. Every day, from morning till night, I will be here to prevent the illegal construction. From now on, my workplace will be here, on the Skovoroda boulevard. We will stop this squatter development. All those indifferent should come here and express their indignation. Let them hear us in Lviv, in the Department of State Construction Inspection, which over a year and a half has not managed to find those who are responsible for this illegal construction.”

According to MP Liubomyr Zubach of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, the situation in Zalochiv clearly reflects the attitude of the central government to local self-government and demonstrates the helplessness of the law enforcement system:

“The land in the very city centre was simply stolen in a cynical illegal way through judicial instances. On the basis of forged documents, the court registers the right of ownership to the land, officials of the regional administration issue town-planning conditions and restrictions, the State Construction Inspection in the Lviv region grants the right to construction works without registration of land and all officials pretend that everything is the way it should be. This is an outright cynicism, when it is the court and not people represented by the elected authority that disposes of the land in the central square of the city. This decision was made in the interests of an individual local feudal lord who wants to construct some shack in the city centre and make money to the detriment of all the inhabitants of the city. When the people of Zolochiv unite and when other communities and politicians show their support for the city, then Zolochev will surely win this fight,” concluded Liubomyr Zubach.


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