Liubomyr Zubach: “Yet another slap in the face of local self-government”

On Tuesday, April 3, the Verkhovna Rada failed to adopt the draft law on service in local self-government bodies. Samopomich MP Liubomyr Zubach emphasizes that this is nothing more than a slap in the face of the local self-government from the central government.

He says, “Ukraine has undertaken certain obligations to carry out reforms. One of such obligations was the reform of the civil service and service in local government. For more than two years the relevant committee has been working on this issue. More than a year ago this law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. However, President’s veto was imposed.”

The President’s amendment introduced the so-called competitions for the deputies of city heads. Liubomyr Zubach says, “Presently, the deputies of city heads are appointed by local councils upon the recommendations of the mayors. This is how it is done in all civilized countries. It is clear that by means of these competitions the President simply wants to make certain city heads dependent on him”. It is noteworthy that these competitions were supposed to be carried out by a commission subordinated to a state body.

“So it turns out that a state body will be engaged in the selection of the deputy mayors, which contradicts the Constitution, since the latter states that local government is independent,” adds the politician adds. “Even if we assume that the President has good intentions, then why, after vetoing the document, he submitted his version of the bill to the Verkhovna Rada by which he canceled the competitions for all chairmen and deputy chairmen of local state administrations? That is, on the one hand, he supports the idea of competitions, on the other – he cancels them”.

The MP is convinced that all this is harming the local self-government bodies. He notes, “Due to the fact that the law on public service was adopted and the law on service in local self-government bodies was killed, there is an uneven distribution of salaries, unresolved issues of pensions.”

“At each meeting, people ask me when this law will be adopted. I think all local government bodies should now ask the President personally why he is damaging local self-government,” concludes Liubomyr Zubach.

Lyubomyr Zubach
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