Lviv waste recycling plant among the top 10 infrastructure projects of the country

The first in Ukraine complex for waste processing and the reclamation of an old solid waste landfill in Lviv are on the 9th place in the rating of the main new constructions of the country according to Novoe Vremya magazine.

As noted in the article, the project will be fully implemented during 2019-2021. 35 million euros have been allocated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European environmental funds.

“The plant, which will be located on the outskirts of the city, will apply the technology of mechanical and biological processing – it not only allows sorting the waste to be recycled but also allows composting organic waste. The capacity of the enterprise will be 240,000 tons of waste per year (with work in two shifts),” says the article.

Now the project is at the stage of tenders. According to Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi, so far the EBRD has selected 5 companies that have reached the final selection stage.

“These are well-known infrastructure companies that have built very modern plants in different countries of the world. The land has been allocated, the project is ready, we are waiting for the final decision of the EBRD regarding the winner, and we are starting the construction this year. This will be the first plant like this in Ukraine,” states Andriy Sadovyi.

The top three positions of the rating of the most ambitious and interesting infrastructure projects in Ukraine, which are already being implemented and will be completed in the coming years, include Go Highway (a four-lane transport highway connecting two ports – Odesa and Polish Gdansk), the N-31 Dnipro-Tsarychanka-Kobeliaky-Reshetylivka highway, and the extension of the third metro line in Kharkiv.

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