Lviv ranking first in Ukraine in ProZorro.Sale

According to the ProZorro.Sale (public e-procurement system), in 2018, the Lviv City Council held 89 auctions for the sale of property, small-scale privatization objects, rent, and temporary commercial facilities. Due to this, the city has earned 138 million hryvnias.

ProZorro.Sale portal reports that Lviv is the first since it works in each area: small privatization (sale of enterprises, sites, structures, shareholdings of companies worth up to UAH 250 million), rent, property, temporary trade facilities. “The city is the leader in the sale of small-scale privatization objects – in 2018, Lviv earned UAH 135 million for this. With these funds, it is possible to insulate about 40 kindergartens for example,” the rating indicates.

We shall remind that earlier the city of Lviv sold premises in the city centre of 70 square metres for 34 million hryvnias. Thus, the price of one square metre made up record high 472,000 hryvnias.

“Whereas someone is just talking about fighting corruption, Lviv is showing how to do it,” says Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi. “For example, similar premises nearby were “presented” at the price ten times smaller.”

According to Sadovyi, the city will invest the money from the sale of the premises in the humanitarian sphere.

“Lviv is once again setting an example of how the system should work in the country. In order to build such a system, there must be people from above who think about the country, and not about their own private interests,” he notes.

We shall add that the top five of the ProZorro.Sale rating for 2018 also included Mariupol, Dnipro, Pokrov, and Chernivtsi.

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