Lviv received 35 million euros for the construction of a garbage recycling complex and the recultivation of Hrybovychi

Agreements to provide Lviv with 35 million euros for the implementation of the solid domestic waste disposal project were signed in Kyiv. As noted by the city head Andriy Sadovyi, the construction of the garbage recycling complex will begin this year.

The financing package will include a 13-year-long EBRD loan of €20 million on the security of the city, an investment grant of up to €10 million from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P), which is not required to be returned, as well as a soft loan of €5 million from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).

The city will use these funds to build the first in Ukraine plant for deep processing of solid domestic waste, as well as to recultivate the existing landfill, which is one of the largest landfills in Ukraine. The city will also introduce better approaches to recycling and waste management.

“Today we received a 100% guarantee of the availability of funds, thus we plan to begin the process of building the plant this year. The construction will take two years. In addition to this, we will launch full-scale processes for the reclamation of the landfill. These are major works that will last approximately for up to 5 years.

The ecological aspect is very important here. The European institutions, with which we are signing the agreements, finance exclusively environmentally friendly projects. Therefore, we have a serious guarantee. The same applies to the issue of control over the use of funds. All tender procedures will be held according to European standards,” said the Mayor of Lviv, leader of the Samopomich Union party Andriy Sadovyi after signing the agreements.

The Managing Partner of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Marina Petrov noted that Lviv was the most active city in Ukraine in terms of cooperation with the EBRD. “This particular project paves the way to the implementation of our new initiative in Ukraine called “Green Cities”. Lviv will become the ninth city participating in this program as a whole, but the first Ukrainian city.”

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