Lutsk deputies are sabotaging the decision that will let set the mayoral elections

Deputies of Lutsk city council are refusing to acknowledge the fact of death of the city mayor, Mykola Romaniuk, which is the basis for calling early elections.

At the last meeting of the city council, on February 24, the majority of deputies were present, but they did not officially register, therefore, the plenary session was disrupted. Tomorrow, on March 2, a new meeting of Lutsk city council is scheduled.

As noted by Samopomich MP, Liubomyr Zubach, the very decision on acknowledgement of the fact of death of the mayor is the basis for the further appointment of early elections by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“The extraordinary session, convened by the Secretary of the council, failed to make a decision and acknowledge the fact of death. The explanation is simple: the desire of certain groups of deputies to seize power is so strong that basic legal and moral norms are easily violated.

The cynicism of oligarchy shocks: to achieve their goals they are willing to neglect not only laws but even human morality. Not having acknowledged the fact of death these people are ready to start fighting for the seats. First of all, they want to get rid of the Secretary of the council who is standing in their way not letting them seize power in the transitional period,” notes Liubomyr Zubach.

“For a week the city has lived without this vital decision. In my opinion, this is happening because of the intention of certain factions’ members to usurp power and not to let me, as the Secretary of Lutsk city council, perform the duties of the mayor by the time a new mayor is  elected,” said the Secretary of Lutsk city council, member of the Samopomich Union, Yuliya Vusenko.

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