Kyiv city council will consider the finalized draft decision on Poshtova Square

During its meeting on Thursday, June 21, the Kyiv city council will consider the finalized draft decision on the preservation of the artefacts found in the course of the excavations in Poshtova Square. The joint decision was developed after consultations between the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko and the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Kyiv city council Serhiy Husovskyi. The purpose of the document is to preserve the artefacts found in the course of the excavations, to continue the archeological works and to create a public space on this site.

“This decision will allow us to legitimately continue the archaeological research and to create a museum in the long run for the sake of preserving the archaeological artefacts for future generations,” noted Vitali Klitschko.

Serhiy Husovskyi believes that this document should unite the session hall of the Kyiv city council, while the document’s adoption should finally set the issue of the museum in motion. “This document provides for some important prerequisites for the creation of the future museum. Thus, we finally have a chance to make a landmark decision for Kyiv and the country,” said the chairman of the Samopomich faction.

The draft decision suggests involving international experts and specialists in archeology and conservation in the archaeological excavations and identifying the objects of cultural heritage that are subject to appropriate preservation and museumification. In addition, it provides for holding an open international competition on the museumification of the artefacts and the creation of a public space in Poshtova Square with the subsequent transfer of the assets located on this site into the municipal property of the capital.

The draft decision proposes to make changes to the project called “Reconstruction of the traffic intersection in Poshtova Square of the Podil district”. And most importantly – it proposes to start drafting an alternative project that will ensure further archaeological research.

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