Kyiv city council failed to vote on the establishment of the museum in Poshtova Square

On June 7, at a plenary session of the Kyiv city council, the deputies of the council did not support the draft decision aimed to create a museum of the history of Kyiv instead of building a shopping centre in Poshtova Square. The document drafted by the chairman of Samopomich faction Serhiy Husovskyi got 56 votes out of the 61 necessary. The draft resolution suggests terminating the contract with the investor of the construction of an underground shopping and entertainment centre in Poshtova Square LLC “Hensford-Ukraine” and taking over the unfinished construction project into the communal property of Kyiv. The document also provided for the continuation of the archaeological works and an open international competition for the best project of the future museum. It should be noted that a significant part of the draft resolution was formulated on the basis of proposals from the Museum of History of Kyiv: scientists and historians developed constructive ideas for the organization of the future museum.

Meanwhile, the head of the Kyiv city council’s commission on culture issues Viktoriya Mukha presented a number of amendments to the draft resolution which downplayed the whole essence of the document. For example, “initiating the termination of the contract” was replaced with “exploring the possibilities of initiating the termination of the contract.” The proposal of Viktoriya Mukha caused a discussion in the hall and divided the deputies. As a result, these were the following factions that supported the document: Samopomich, Batkivshchyna, Svoboda. Whereas the deputies of the pro-government faction “Solidarity” did not vote for the draft decision (or abstained from voting), which resulted in the failure to adopt the resolution.

Nevertheless, Serhiy Husovskyi urged the people of Kiev not to fall for provocations. “What do I suggest doing now? Please keep calm. We have the right to return to consideration of this issue at the next plenary meeting. Today, unfortunately, there is no mayor. He is somewhere abroad. Apparently, he has more important things to do. He will come back, and we will see his position. Everybody will see then whom he supports. Perhaps, the mayor of the city supports this decision…” the deputy commented on the event.

He appealed to the residents of the capital with a request to support the preservation of historical Kyiv during the forthcoming plenary session.

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