Kyiv council did not support the appeal to the authorities to ban trade with the temporarily occupied territories and recognize Russia as the occupier

On Thursday, March 16, deputies of the Kyiv city council did not support the draft decision on the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the President of Ukraine regarding the prohibition of trade with the temporarily occupied territories and recognition of Russia as an occupier. The corresponding draft decision got only 50 votes out of 61 required.

The voting was preceded by speeches of the initiators of the draft decision – deputies of the Kyiv branch of Samopomich Union – Serhiy Husovskyi and Oleh Makarov. “We must call things by their proper names and recognize the occupation at the legislative level… Time does not work for us. Those enterprises that are in the occupied territories do not work for us either. They all are paying taxes to the certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Russia. So what are we waiting for?” said Serhiy Husovskyi.

ATO veterans also addressed from the rostrum of the city council. They underscored the importance of such an appeal.

When the draft decision was not supported, Samopomich deputies asked to put it to a second vote. When this initiative was not supported either, the Kyiv council Samopomich faction resorted to decisive actions blocking the presidium. The work of the Kyiv city council was suspended, and the continuation of the plenary session was postponed to 11:00, March 23.

We shall recall that the above-mentioned draft decision provided for a number of appeals:

– To the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine requiring to recognize the Russian Federation as the occupier and to prohibit trade with the temporarily occupied territories at the level of the Law of Ukraine;

– To the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appealing  to repeal the order dated 11.01.2017 No. 8-p “On approval of the plan of measures aimed at the implementation of certain principles of state internal policy in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the state authorities temporarily do not exercise their power”;

– To the President of Ukraine appealing to support the recognition of the Russian occupation and the ban of trade with the occupier.

We should also note that today in the morning, at the building of Kyiv city council there was a rally in support of the appeal to the authorities over the temporarily occupied territories. The initiative to appeal to the President, the Cabinet, and the Verkhovna Rada was supported by the activists of Kyiv Samopomich, representatives of other democratic political forces, ATO veterans and not indifferent Kyivans.


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