Miroshnichenko: China is interested in strengthening economic cooperation with Ukraine

These days a delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is on a working visit in the cities of the People’s Republic of China. As reported by Samopomich Union MP, member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, Ivan Miroshnichenko, there has been a series of meetings with Chinese partners, where the parties discussed the possibilities of expanding economic cooperation, in particular increasing export/import of agricultural products and investment opportunities in Ukrainian industry, infrastructure and ports.

Today, China is the second largest trading partner of Ukraine. “Both sides are interested in strengthening cooperation. In particular, at one of the meetings the issue of expansion of access of Ukrainian goods to the Chinese markets was discussed. We are talking about meat products, egg powder, berries and fruits, etc.” said the MP.

In addition, the Ukrainian side should pick up momentum and become as much as possible involved in the formation of the so-called “New Silk Road”.

“China is already forming a pool of projects, member-countries, developing a strategy and mechanisms for implementing the project. Ukraine lags behind in this process, and one of the objectives of the visit is to identify the areas of cooperation, timeframes and stages of further cooperation,” said Ivan Miroshnichenko.

Ivan Miroshnichenko
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