The Committee of Voters of Ukraine officially refuted the information on the bribery of voters by Samopomich candidates

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine refuted the information spread by the analysts of the organization and the mass media that during the elections to the United Territorial Communities on April 29, representatives of the Samopomich Union party resorted to bribing voters.

We shall recall that the information publicized by the Committee did not contain any specific names or supporting facts about the illegal actions. In this regard, the Samopomich Union political party appealed to the leadership of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine with a request to check the information.

The official refutation writes, “The investigation did not confirm information about bribery of voters by the candidates from the Samopomich party in the Zastavnivska United Territorial Community.”

Also, in the course of the investigation, it was established that the persons involved in the distribution of grocery kits do not have any relation to the candidates from the Samopomich party.

“This information was spread by the opponents of the political force,” the official resources of the organization note.

In addition to this, the Committee noted that it had not registered any facts of bribery by Samopomich candidates in any of the elections to UTC starting from October 2015.

The Samopomich Union political party is grateful to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine for a conscious attitude and investigation of the information, and also encourages to check all the facts that may vilify the reputation of political forces extremely thoroughly. The position of Samopomich remains steadfast – we believe in honest and transparent elections and we also strive to restore people’s confidence in honest politicians as the basis for the development of a democratic state.

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