“A country that makes cities its priority always wins” – Sadovyi

“I see no other strong force that can bring order to the state than local government.”

This was stated by the leader of Samopomich, mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, during the opening of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Self-Government.

The politician shared with the participants his thoughts and ideas on how local self-government should develop in Ukraine. In particular, he considers it necessary to:

– Reform the system of regional and district state administrations, which “have exhausted themselves”. Replace them with a small office that should help coordinate work between cities and government agencies at the level of Kyiv.

– Introduce a unified standard for the distribution of taxes between budgets, through which 60% of the personal income tax will remain in the budget of all cities – not just large ones, as it is now.

– Make the units dealing with local taxes and fees subordinate to local governments.

– And let communities be in charge of the public security police.”

In addition, according to Andriy Sadovyi, the state should promote the cooperation of cities with European funds as much as possible. “The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the International Finance Corporation and many other structures are now ready to assist Ukrainian cities in solving very important infrastructure issues – water supply, heat supply, sewerage, and the like. But very often there is an obstacle at the level of the Ministry of Finance, which limits cities’ possibility to accept funds. Although along with the loans there are grants and interest on the loans is very low,” notes Sadovyi and adds. “Local government is the foundation on which we should build a successful independent state. Both MPs and the new government, which will be formed after the parliamentary elections, should understand this.”


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