The country needs top level lustration, not imitation thereof

“There is a terrible situation with the lustration of minor officials. The country’s leadership “does not notice” that in disregard of the law “On power cleansing” such officials as Chairman of Regional State Administration or Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Administration are still in office. At the same time, about a hundred minor officials have been dismissed, because they could not explain the origin of some two or three thousand hryvnias. This is not lustration but lustration imitation,” said Yehor Soboliev.

“Over a year ago we submitted a bill that focuses on top level lustration. The law will apply to all those who will run for MPs, President of Ukraine. And the bill hasn’t got any further so far. We insist on its immediate reviewing,” Yehor Soboliev appealed to the Chairman of the Parliament.

Yehor Sobolev
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