Committee of war veterans and ATO members returned the bill on rehabilitation for revision

As noted by Samopomich MP Iryna Sysoyenko, yesterday members of the Committee of War Veterans and ATO participants after two hours of consideration and the absence of significant counterarguments still decided to return bill #4458 “On the prevention of disability and the rehabilitation system” for revision.
“This bill includes all the recommendations of the World Health Organization for Ukraine, it is fully supported by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. However, unfortunately, all the representatives of the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Social Policy spoke against it while not motivating their objections at all,” said Iryna Sysoyenko, co-author of the bill.
According to the deputy, the purpose of adopting this bill is to make rehabilitation in medical institutions of Ukraine a reality. We want to finally have rehabilitation centres, rehabilitation departments, multifunctional teams of rehabilitation specialists, state guarantees and financing of rehabilitation services.
“This is the basis and novelty of this bill, the chance for citizens not to become disabled, to restore health after injuries, operations, strokes, heart attacks, for the military – after wounds, prosthetics. After all, now the state budget funds are used inefficiently. We must finally change this by adopting changes in the legislation,” notes Iryna Sysoyenko.

Iryna Sysoienko
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