The coalition is trying to kill the work of the provisional investigatory commission in the case of attacks on public activists

The Speaker of the parliament Andriy Parubiy is not submitting to the parliament the report on the work of the provisional investigatory commission (PIC) in the case of the murder of Kherson activist Kateryna Handziuk and attacks on public activists. This was reported by a member of this PIC, Samopomich deputy, Olena Sotnyk.

This provisional investigatory commission has been working for three months and has to submit interim results of its work. However, Andriy Parubiy refuses to submit this report for consideration, appealing to the fact that a large number of PIC members are preparing some kind of letter to postpone the consideration of this issue and not to discuss it in the session hall at all. At present, the provisional investigatory commission cannot legally act, because its powers ended on February 6, 2019.

Olena Sotnyk says: “Today I got convinced that it was worth it that we demanded the creation of the provisional investigatory commission three months ago. Even though the coalition had been telling us that it made no sense, while the Prosecutor General had told us that we were interfering with the investigation altogether. The situation that has emerged today in the parliament confirms that the authorities are afraid of this PIC and are afraid of those conclusions that could have been made even in such a short time with such limited resources and which we were able to present in the previous report.”

Sotnyk has demanded the Speaker of the parliament to stop indulging the criminals, to have the report presented in the hall, to discuss it, and let the provisional investigatory commission have the opportunity to continue its work and solve the case, to name the reasons why law enforcement agencies are not investigating the attacks on activists and why there is not a single sentence and no one is punished for these serious socially significant crimes.

Social activists themselves support Olena Sotnyk. They say that in the three months of PIC’s work, off-site sessions were held in Kherson and Odesa. And this gave some impulse and an incentive for law enforcement agencies to at least imitate some work in front of journalists because it was impossible to keep mum anymore. Also, over the three months, the PIC has sent appeals to law enforcement agencies in respect of all 55 attacks. Obviously, the authorities do not want the PIC to make public the results of this report and to continue its work.

Olena Sotnyk notes, “The authorities are afraid that we will publicize the facts confirming that most criminal proceedings are not actually being considered today. We understand that it is not only that there are no results of the investigations, but that there will be the same situation in the courts. Because in the eyes of the authorities, the activists are enemies who expose corruption schemes, crimes.”

The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid is also convinced that the PIC’s interim report on attacks on activists should be demanded from the parliament: “Impunity breeds violence, and over the past 5 years, despite promises to protect society, the authorities have been busy covering criminals. Unfortunately, the merging of the authorities and criminality has created what is called attacks on activists.”


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