The coalition intends to dismiss Yehor Soboliev from the position of chairman of the Anticorruption Committee

According to the information of Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev, the collection of signatures for his dismissal from the post of chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Prevention and Combating Corruption continues in the parliament.

The MP informs that the resolution has not yet been registered, but people’s deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s Front are now “working on” the committee members:

“They have long been dreaming of firing me. Firstly, I do not let them appoint a dependent auditor of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to do away with Artem Sytnyk and his team. Secondly, I do not let them break the law on e-declaration, which is a threat for the majority of top officials. And the problem number three is our struggle to create an anti-corruption court.

And the scenario of the dismissal is as follows – members of my committee reported that I was bad and did not let them work, and the parliament voted quickly.”

Yehor Soboliev assumes that the resolution on his dismissal will be put to vote after the coalition representatives agree with each other and the Opposition block in order to have enough votes, and calls this situation a really good assessment of his work.


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