Key directions of the country’s development: Position of the Samopomich Union Party

During the congress of the Samopomich Union party, people’s deputies talked about the strategic directions of the party’s activities. We are presenting short abstracts concerning each of the directions.

Survive to Succeed

Vice Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid:

“The most valuable service that Ukrainians receive from the state today is protection from the enemy. Therefore, we must protect the lives and dignity of our soldiers. To make this happen we must destroy the “Soviet army” in Ukraine. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief must take care of the safety and security of soldiers. The Minister of Defence must take care of the rules that will make the army effective in training and fighting. The security and defence budget, just like all defence purchases, must be open and understandable to the military and the people who provide for the army. Then the soldiers will not have to live in mud at the training grounds during rotation. And then it will be possible not only to talk about joining NATO, but to have a NATO partner army on our own territory.”

Anti-corruption Policy – Decisive Battle

Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev:

“Corruption is the only thing that connects Ukraine with the “Russian world”. Ukraine has become completely different – our society, citizens, and parliament have changed. So it is only corruption that unites our country with Putin’s Russia. Therefore, there is such fierce resistance to the attempts to cut this cord. Thanks to the anti-corruption laws – which would be impossible without Samopomich in Ukraine – everyone, including the leaders of the state, starts to feel that they are responsible before the law, they do not stand above it.

Creation of the Anti-Corruption Court. Appointment of honest judges, independent Prosecutor General who will prosecute real thieves, instead of Samopomich members. Liberation of business. These steps do not require much discussion, and we will take them, but first of all, we must bring top corrupt officials to justice. To do so, it will be necessary to do everything possible and impossible. But only after the victory over corruption we will be an honest and democratic European state. This battle continues, and in this decisive battle we are going to face huge challenges. But a victory will be possible when we will be together with the society, when we will have our President and the majority in the parliament.”

Economic Order and Freedom

Samopomich MP Tetiana Ostrikova:

“Today in Ukraine we have an oligarchic economy under the slogan “making money from Ukrainians, hiding it in offshores”. Our task is to give birth to, train and keep every Ukrainian for Ukraine. Therefore, our slogan is “to earn in Ukraine, to pay to Ukrainians”.

We must work our way from the oligarchic economy to the welfare economy. We must do away with the pressure on business and make sure that entrepreneurs develop freely. We must introduce a tax on the withdrawn capital instead of the income tax, protect the right of ownership and the right to intellectual property. All we need to do is to create proper conditions for the Ukrainians. They will do everything else themselves. Our people are talented and hardworking. Who will help them? Who can do all this? Only we, together.”

Strong Communities – A Successful State

Samopomich MP Liubomyr Zubach:

Samopomich is the party that was born from local self-government. It has managed to prove – by deed, not by word – that public administration in Ukraine can be successful. Having gained people’s trust during the parliamentary elections, it was the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada that initiated budgetary decentralization and the transfer of powers and finances to the local governments. Therefore, we will insist on a moratorium on any changes that will impose additional costs on local government or otherwise will harm it.”

From Social Slavery to Social Freedoms

Samopomich MP Roman Semenukha

“In Ukraine, we still have a Soviet approach to social security, a complete dependence of citizens on the state in matters of social security. In the countries with high social standards, there are three subjects of social policy: STATE – BUSINESS – FAMILY. The introduction of such an approach in Ukraine will help attract the necessary funds and increase the responsibility of each person. Today’s contributions to the current system are just money thrown into the abyss and imitation of social protection, a loss of confidence in state institutions. The way out of this situation is the introduction of individual pension saving. This will allow monitoring the state of your funds during the entire length of service, dispose of your savings, transfer your savings to inheritance and the like.

Also, the state must have a cult of respect for the military. We need more substantial economic benefits for employers and the veterans themselves. In the social security system of the military and their families, compensation should be provided in case of disability (injury) or death; rehabilitation and medical insurance programs, housing lending program, etc. should be provided as well.”

Education and Culture: Fundamentals

Samopomich MP Iryna Podoliak:

“Professional development of teachers is a priority on the ground. Evaluation of the quality of education and the work of teachers should be based on real indicators: the number of those who entered the university, who work in the chosen specialty. As for higher education – this is the reduction in the number of universities, their further autonomization. Financing of universities should be carried out on the basis of the results, rather than on an equal basis.

Culture is not about art only. It is a way of living and a civilizational choice of a person. We need to create special funds – in cities, communities – without waiting for the state, and begin to gather collections of modern art. Because this is how the state should develop.

Education and culture are interconnected. Unless there is a broad understanding of the importance of culture and education – there will be no language, no courts, no army, no state.”

Healthcare Reform. National and Local Initiatives

Samopomich MP Iryna Sysoyenko:

“Only after 26 years of independence, we began to change something in the healthcare system. Due to Samopomich, the parliament adopted two laws that will become the basis of insurance medicine: on the autonomization of medical institutions and on state financial guarantees for the provision of medical care.

Our task for the coming year is to achieve proper financing of the emergency medical care program and increase the remuneration of medical workers. And following the introduction of the reforms at the first level of medical care in the near future – when people will choose their family doctors – we should demand “local incentives” for them.

Can a sick nation become happy, successful and rich? No, it cannot! Therefore, it is not only treatment, but also the preservation of life and health, preventive care that should be a priority.”

“Being a master” is the ideological basis of reforms in the housing and communal sphere

Samopomich MP Aliona Babak:

“Being a master in your own land – this is what we need independence for. During a hundred years, Ukrainian spirit of economy has been destroyed. The ideology of the reforms of Samopomich in the sphere of housing and communal services provides for the restoration of economy as a sign of self-expression of Ukrainians. To be a master means to be the owner of your home. That is, housing should be affordable.

To be a responsible owner, without interference from the authorities. We must unite and become a force to which authority would listen. We must be able to keep our property. The strategic task is to become solvent to maintain our property; that is, we want Ukraine to have no more than 30% of people receiving subsidies. All resources should be consumed economically and should be accounted for, while the main investments should be directed into the energy efficiency. And finally – separate waste collection: Ukraine should switch to a closed cycle economy.”

The Agrarian Sector. Land Reform

Samopomich MP Ivan Miroshnichenko:

Samopomich stands for the land market. A market where there will be a possibility of choice and equal opportunities for everybody. To do this, all fears and risks must be eliminated. Once the land market is open, it is important to make sure that peasants, businessmen will have an alternative to selling their share; that they will be able to take out loans for the development of the agricultural business, creation of their own farms and the like. Until such a concept is agreed upon by all market players, discussed in society, we will not be able to overcome the society’s fear of the land market.”

Energy Security of Ukraine

Samopomich MP Lev Pidlisetskyi:

“The primarily goal of Samopomich is to move away from the model of manual management of the industry. Because practice confirms that manual management, as a rule, is aimed at enriching individual groups of people. Presently in Ukraine we have a “one player” market. In order not to become its hostages, it is necessary to set a goal to demonopolize thermal generation and the coal industry. This, in turn, is the guarantee of fair tariffs. While the state regulator, which sets tariffs, must act in the interests of the consumer and the economy of the state.”

Formula of Change: From Resource-Based to Digital State Strategy

Samopomich MP Oleksandr Danchenko:

“It was the Samopomich party that introduced the concept of digital economy in Ukraine. Europe has determined for itself that digit is the priority. So far, Ukraine is not even close to the list of countries that are increasing the share of the digital economy. Instead of adopting the strategy of investment development, our state continues to “dig” – to carry out the resource-based strategy. Samopomich has already done a lot to have 3G in Ukraine, and now it is doing its best for the implementation of 4G. So let’s use, introduce digital technologies and make the country rich.”

The Vision of Ukraine of the XXI century.

Samopomich MP Viktoriia Voitsitska:

“Today Ukraine is a socialist country without social guarantees building capitalism without competition. As a result, the state loses understanding that every human life is priceless.

Only we must formulate a vision of the future of Ukraine. It should be based on human centered principles, that is, on the principles according to which a person, his/her life, health, self-realization are the highest values.

We must offer the path that can unite all of us having our individual views, group values and national mentality. This is the path of a dream. The dream that can mobilize our entire society, but not through hatred, but with the help of a common path.”

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