A fairy-tale for adults about old lice and new nits

Ukrainian politics must be based on a simple truth – Russia is our enemy.

Russia will turn any concessions, agreements, compromises into new “green corridors”. Hasn’t Ilovaisk taught you anything?

We agreed with Russia in the 90s on the fleet in Crimea and nuclear weapons – we ended up with the occupation of the peninsula and the defenselessness before the enemy at the beginning of the war.

In the 2000s, we agreed on gas – Russia is choking us with that gas up till now.

In 2014, we agreed on a “green corridor” from Ilovaisk – we received a national tragedy and almost a quarter of all killed in the war soldiers.

Now you want to surrender the language to Russia and restore trade with the occupier – all by agreement. Is it difficult to predict how this will end? No, it isn’t. It will end with blood and war.

How many more green corridors do you need? How many defeats, how many fresh graves, to finally understand the simple truth – it is impossible to come to an agreement with Russia. It does not care about the protection of the Russian language. After all, in this war, Russia has killed many more Russian-speaking than Ukrainian-speaking people. It does not care for Donbas or Crimea, because it plunders them and destroys them. It wants to destroy and seize the whole of Ukraine, and special statuses, language or economic concessions are nothing more than the means of destruction. Silent and enslaved by the bonds of the enemy’s money, Ukraine will not be able to defend itself and will fall into the hands of the enemy.

It is a pity that neither the President nor his entourage understands this.

I am glad that many of my colleagues from the parliament has come to their senses and rushed to fight the monster. But you were the ones who created the monster in the first place. All these talks – “There is no alternative to Minsk,” “We need to trade, because the blockade will cut off the Donbas”, “Minsk is not a betrayal, but a victory” – remember them? These were your creations. Your political brainchild. Why are you now renouncing them? All that is suggested by the President’s Chief of Staff Bohdan is not new. It is in the Minsk agreements, in the law on special status which you prolong from year to year. Why do you then wonder where it all came from? This is not pro-Russian revenge, but the consequences of your own “state” policy.

I would really want to believe that you have truly repented, changed your opinion, learned to love Ukraine not only for money. But I do not believe. Your political preferences, like your patriotism, have always depended on where the political wind blew. You are the evil which is ready to sell the country from the parliamentary rostrum, and now you are getting hysterical fearing that tomorrow there might be nothing to steal and sell. You will not become anything other than evil, because this is your nature.

Petliura was wrong. In Ukraine, there are not only our own nits but also our own lice. Old lice and new nits that are fighting among themselves for the right to plunder and destroy Ukraine.

Iryna Podoliak
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