Ivan Miroshnichenko: “Amendments to the Tax Code – a stab in the back of all commodity producers in Ukraine”

According to a deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Ivan Miroshnichenko, yesterday, during the voting for amendments to the Tax Code, Samopomich insisted having two amendments excluded from the bill – the ones that from March 1, 2018 stop the VAT refund on export of technical and oil crops – sunflower, rapeseed, and soybeans.

“The VAT refund is an instrument of supporting commodity producers. In order to defend this instrument we wanted the parliament to show no support to these amendments for them not to come into force. However, during the voting for the bill as a whole, in keeping with the best traditions, one by one the coalition returned all the amendments that it found profitable, including those that cancel the VAT refund,” Ivan Miroshnichenko says.

The MP estimates the losses caused by the adoption of these changes to the Tax Code at the level of minimum 10 billion hryvnias from the pockets of the Ukrainian commodity producers: “Starting from tomorrow, each commodity producer will sell their goods at a lower price. Losses will reach 300-400 hryvnias per ton, and when the law comes into force, prices will be even smaller.”

In the opinion of Ivan Miroshnichenko, after such events, logical questions arise. “How come this issue passed without the consideration of the agrarian committee of the parliament, and how the agrarian deputies who voted for this Tax Code are going to explain their motives to commodity producers,” he concludes.

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