Ivan Miroshnichenko: Six months ago we once again extended the moratorium on the sale of land, and ever since we haven’t done anything in this direction at all

Today, the parliament rejected a resolution on open hearings on the Ukrainian land market opening. As noted by MP of the Samopomich faction, Ivan Miroshnichenko, this once again confirms that in the parliament and in the Ukrainian society there are absolutely opposite opinions regarding the land market opening.

“There is no general consensus and, most importantly, no understanding or a concept of the land market opening either in the society or among politicians. For 17 years we have been systematically extending the moratorium, and there is still no strategic vision of the agricultural producer in Ukraine, which is our priority.

In 17 years, the authorities have not managed to prepare the necessary laws which would make us ready for the land market opening. Six months ago we once again extended the moratorium on the sale of land, and ever since we haven’t done anything in this direction at all,” says Ivan Miroshnichenko.

The people’s deputy notes that the country is now in an absurd situation, “It is commonly known that the gray “creeping” market has been working for years: the land is bought by means of various schemes and holes in the legislation. In addition, by extending the moratorium, de facto we are violating the Constitution, because citizens have property, but they cannot dispose of it. Moreover, during these years, more than 1 million Ukrainians who owned the land died not having exercised their right.”

The Samopomich faction considers the introduction of the land market to be a vital decision, but stands for its gradual opening for the sake of ensuring equal conditions – primarily for the Ukrainian owners and farmers who are already working with land.

“By the time of the land market opening, all participants, including land owners, should have equal opportunities to participate in this market – to have access to finances, to projects. Until we create these conditions, until we let people get rid of their fears of becoming noncompetitive and of being left without access to money and loans, we cannot open the land market. It is important to find an approach that would be perceived by the society. Unfortunately, there is no such platform for professional discussion now,” concludes Ivan Miroshnichenko.


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