Ivan Miroshnichenko: “Deputies supported a lesser evil: now only half of the agrarians will receive VAT refund”

Today, the parliament failed to vote for a bill that would allow full VAT return to agricultural producers when exporting soybeans and rapeseed. Instead, an alternative bill was adopted, which, according to Samopomich MP Ivan Miroshnichenko provides for the return of the value-added tax to only half of the agrarians.

“Let me remind you that when changes were introduced to the Tax and Customs Codes before the adoption of the budget for 2018, an amendment abolishing the return of value added tax when exporting soybean and rapeseed from Ukraine was introduced. This regulation meant losses for agrarians in the amount of 14-15 billion hryvnias annually,” says Ivan Miroshnichenko.

Following the protests held by agrarians all over the country the parliament postponed this regulation until March, while people’s deputies submitted a bill designed to completely abolish this discrimination. An appeal to the Verkhovna Rada concerning the adoption of this law was supported by 14 regional councils.

“Today, the deputies supported the alternative draft law, which is just a lesser evil, since losses will still be significant – only half of agrarians will receive a VAT refund, while the other half will lose in price – about 2.2 billion hryvnias on soybeans and from 1.5 to 1.8 billion hryvnias on rapeseeds annually! And small and medium-sized farms and commodity producers – those that are not ready to export – will suffer the most,” concludes Ivan Miroshnichenko.

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