Ivan Miroshnichenko: “Business opens its doors to law enforcement, but the latter prefer to get in through windows”

The cases against entrepreneurs that were closed by the investigative authorities are being renewed by other law enforcement agencies for the same causes. Baseless searches are ongoing as well. This is emphasized again by the activists of the public organization “Business Varta” and members of the Interdepartmental Commission on the protection of investors’ rights, combating the illegal takeover and seizure of enterprises. Samopomich MP Ivan Miroshnichenko is outraged, “First the Security service opens a case, investigates it, closes; then the tax authorities immediately open a case, investigate, close; later the Prosecutor General’s Office joins. This is never-ending. So isn’t this pressure?” Business opens its doors to law enforcement structures, it is ready to cooperate. So I have a question – why fight your way through and destroy everything when people are ready to meet you halfway, give explanations, provide documents? But no – it is a show that the law enforcement bodies want; they want to break in, beat people, keep them whole day long, check their personal belongings, humiliate them. This is unacceptable. It must not be like this. During the very searches, there are numerous violations as well. Lawyers are not admitted, searches are conducted at night, video recordings of the searches do not feature all the search participants or all the premises where the searches are conducted, and so on.” The lawmaker is convinced that ten to fifteen years ago, the situation with daily searches was an exception rather and a scandalous thing. Nowadays, things like this happen every day in Ukraine. He adds that it is only possible to counter this with the help of publicity. As an example – the situation with illegal takeovers in agrarian sector. Thus, due to the creation of the public organization “Business Varta”, designed to help entrepreneurs, due to the resumption of the work of the Interdepartmental Commission on the protection of investors’ rights, combating the illegal takeover and seizure of enterprises, and most importantly – due to the publicity of the problem, the situation has somewhat improved. Ivan Miroshnichenko informs, “Last year there was a terrible situation with illegal takeovers. Now we have small victories. Several owners of the companies managed to get their property back. The work of the commission, our publicity has saved dozens, maybe hundreds of farms from the takeover. Now we see that the number of attacks has decreased. We gave people hope that the truth is on their side. Therefore, despite the terrible sabotage of the effective work of the commission, it must go on working. We will not let them bury this commission, no matter how much anyone would want this,” he concludes.

Ivan Miroshnichenko
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